Irate pastors scorns 'Mbuye Ali Likiliki' song; "it is satanic"



Some pastors in Mzuzu, along with other religious people, have described "Mbuye Ali Likiliki" song as an inspiration of the devil, saying God can never be compromised, as depicted in the song.

Self styled evangelist, Chimwemwe Msiska of his Ambassadors of Faith International, scorned the Chiyanjano choir women for composing, what he believes to be an ungodly song.

"God can never be such busy, looking for our names. That's not the God I Know. God who knew us before we were born. God who knows everyone by his name. I debarred all my fellowship members from listening to the song. It is misguiding," he fumed.

Boston Mhula, an assemblies of God pastor, concurred with the preceding sentiments, adding that the Chiyanjano choir may not be in great paucity of the knowledge of God.

"Which God can be Likiliki, looking for our names? The very same one who knows the number of hair in our head? That's not the living God. They women might be referring to a different God," he said.

Scores of churchgoers have described the song as a misrepresentation of the true nature of God.

"Before composing a gospel song, they must read the Bible thoroughly, under the guidance of the holy Spirit," remarked Noel Msiska, a blossoming evangelist, based in Mchengautuwa township, Mzuzu.

Added Dumisan Gondwe, a churchgoer; "gospel songs are not easy. They're, infact, not for everyone. Otherwise, this Likiliki thing, despite having a massive reception, is not a gospel song."

The song rose to fame, particularly, because of some rap, done by some woman in the choir.

Meanwhile, other commentators have urged critics of the song to simply regard it as a reminder that people are living in end times.

"What matters, to me, is the theme. The women were trying to remind us that were in dying minutes. All signs of times have been exhausted," said Tumpale Mwangonde, leader of Chibavi fellowship.

There was no immediate comment from the architects of the song due to telecommunication glitches.

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