Onesmus kickboxer Kalua's home coming show given average scores.



Great expectations made frustrated fans at the much touted Onesmus home coming concert held on Sunday, September 26, at the Lilongwe golf club.

While most fanatics had expected an electrifying moment, the reality was different; people were left in boredom.

"Well, it wasn't that bad. But, it didn't live to it's billing. We expected more pomp and fanfare. Anyway, it matched the price," said one of the patronizers.

"What excited me," remarked another fan. "Was the kicking of the fan who wanted to take off a diamond ring from his finger. I wished he kicked him more."

The show, which had an outstanding marketing and publicity, featured what most fanatics described, at the show, as 'rubbish'

"Most artists couldn't manage the stage well. I didn't enjoy the show. It was below the expected. I have great remorse for wasting my time," freaked another fan.

Among the artists that performed include; Kell Kay, Beanca, Gwamba..."But, it was garbage."

On the other hand, other fanatics held a notion that, despite the average performance, the organizers tried their best.

"The sound system and everything was just satisfactory. Kudos to the organizers. Hope next time, they'll improve in their flaws," remarked Noel Sichinga, on his Facebook page.

Others attributed the avarage performance and 'boring' show to the absence of Tekno Miles, who, most people had expected to headline the event.

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