Fredo, Phyzo, mend fences-share light moment together


In a dramatic twist of events, the country's two highly-rated rappers FredoKiss and Phyzo officially squashed their 'enmity' Monday morning when the two were seen having a great moment together.

For the recent time, the artists have been in a cat-rat affair, as decades ago, the two hip-hop music power houses volleyed a high profile diss songs at one another.

But surprisingly, the two rappers defies all odds and shared a table, a sign of unity between the two music Giants.

"What's better than 2 kings? 3?" Captioned FredoKiss on his Facebook page when he posted a photo of him and his fellow rapper together. 

FredoKiss and Phyzix  feud has been the biggest hip-hop story since early 2000, stemming from two rappers fight over ghetto crown.

The beef remained simmering until Phyzix released his album, "Gamba Season" which FredoKiss bought at 100 thousand kwacha and congratulated his opponent for putting out good work. 

It was at this point that the feud of the self-crowned ghetto kings cooled down.

In an interview on Spotlight when hosted by the late Juliet Royo, Phyzix said that he had "moved past" the beef after Fredo bought his piece of work.

"GKK and KOTG, cheers to the future", posted Phyzix on his Facebook page.

Meanwhile in his recent post, Phyzix has hinted that there is a possibility of a collabo for the two rappers. 

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