Martse sparks debate over Facebook posts

By Wasema Jr

Award-winning Lilongwe-based hiphop rapper Martse has become a talk of the day much as social media is concerned following his recent posts on Facebook.

The artist is being finger-pointed for posting things that are deemed as pompous and dividing.

"I know you want to be me but you can't," was one of his posts.

And as if that was not enough, the artist again sent another controversial post that read " _ino ndi nthawi ya Atumbuka_ [this is time for Tumbukas]".

The artist is a Tumbuka by tribe.

The posts attracted mixed reactions from various Facebook followers; where many rebuked him. 

Javes Mfana Odelera Uja commented: " _Martse usiye kuzipopa ngati uli nkathu. Pajatu ukafuna kujambulitsa nyimbo umakabwereka zovala kwa Richmond Versache_ [Martse stop being pompous. Remember that you use  to borrow cloths from Richmond Versache everytime you have video shooting]".

"When you are a star be cautious of what you post. Your fans are not only Tumbukas so be mindful of that. A true star must be uniting people not dividing them", commented  Thiya Ndalapa.

This is not the first time Martse, real name Martin Nkhata, is becoming controversial. The musician previously went into a verbal war with fellow rapper Fredokiss over ghetto supremacy.

Meanwhile, the artist has collaborated with fellow capital city outfit, K2B Block, in a track called _Idzidzinutse_, and is slated for release soon.

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