Celebrated videographer Sukez talks about own life story: 'Never give up'

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In 2014 after finishing my tertiary education, I debated whether to continue with entrepreneurship or go for formal work. Several companies offered me jobs, but I had to put them on hold since I was undecided.

Then I gave myself six months to try and see if entrepreneurship will work or not, so my degree was my backup plan in case things won't work out; that's when I met Hastings my brother and busines partner, and we started pushing things together.

My Mom and Dad were very supportive, and they said whatever I choose, they are okay with it,  but they were not supporting the idea of me staying in Blantyre and said they would keep me if I move back to their house in Lilongwe, which I didn't want lol.

I moved to a small one-room boys quarter which I was paying 10,000 a month.

Every day I would go to a music studio, asking artists to shoot music videos for them.

I wasn't known much at that time, and most people would ignore my proposal, so I offered free videos to a couple of artists even paid for expenses to come to their shoot.

It was one particular time when I didn't find a business to pay for my k10,000 rent, I could not keep up.

The landlady issued me a warning and eventually , I was evicted from the small room, and I moved to my uncle's place.I almost gave up.

I received a call from @onesimusmuzik telling me to shoot his music video in South Africa (I am always thankful).

I moved from Blantyre to Lilongwe and started working on my passport in no time, I went to Pretoria, where I shot three music videos of his and they all blew up, especially miracle money and after that we got hired by many people in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

After three months, I came back home (Blantyre) and occupied a bigger house with Hago, and we continued pushing.

In 2016 we opened offices in Blantyre Dzuka Hub and employed a couple of people.

I am trying to communicate that never give up; once you have a vision, give it time and work towards it. If you can dream it, you can make it, I know people are also struggling to make ends meet, but I encourage you to stay strong because challenges will be there, and Solutions will also be there.



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