David Kalilani responds to Phyzix’s ‘Flaws’

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Gospel music rapper David Kalilani has resurfaced with a track titled ‘Flaws Reloaded’ which has been inspired by Phyzix’s recent release ‘Flaws’.

In ‘Flaws’, Phyzix brags about himself, fame and achievements and then takes a swipe at his haters.

The award-winning artist sings in ‘Flaws’ that: “I’ve given you 15 years of my life sacrificing time with my family, my career, personal life yaineyo kumayipeleka ku sound nkumaphweketsabe,…is this what you wanted? ….”

But having listened to Phyzix’s ‘Flaws’, Kalilani, decided to respond with ‘Flaws Reloaded’, which he drops today.

Kalilani said he felt that there is a whole sub-genre of gospel hip-hop which has not been given the space, hence coming out with the track.

He said he worked on the song to represent Christian rap and also show that there were gifted artists starring in Christian rap.

Kalilani said there was no beef in the track, describing Phyzix as a “great artist”.

“In my freestyle, I have addressed certain things which I feel are unnecessary when we create music,” he said.

The Christian rapper also said that he felt uncomfortable with some of the elements in the track.

He said he has not changed his musical approach and that for those who know him better, he is not afraid of speaking the truth.

“My expectation from those who listen and follow me is that they will be inspired,” Kalilani said.

He said the creativity in the song will spark something and that it was time for people to hear from him again.

Phyzix heaped praise on Kalilani, describing the work as creative.

“’Flaws’ freestyle was big and the ‘Flaws’ freestyle challenge was equally very big. This one by David Kalilani brings in a new perspective on the Christian front. I am excited,” the World Wrestling Entertainment snacks ambassador said.

Meanwhile, the artist has said he plans to start working with budding musicians through the ‘Flaws Reloaded’ project and that it will be a contest for Christian artists, where prizes will be won.




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