Burning Conversation in a Yellow Lick of Light, a poem BY KHALIPWINA MPINA

Malawi Heat

Sis, throw the ball to me

and i will throw it back to you

so life goes...

stop tormenting

the poverty-stricken soul

by wandering in the stinking city

to meet our mad brothers

enslaved by slay queens

which do not speak our language

do not eat our food

and do not drink our herbs

please, do not trouble yourself

they will shout at you

as though by simply digging up

the relationship you are a fool

remain here, live your life

or your days will be less

from the weight of their ridicule

sometimes from their children

who think tatters are for witches

they will not greet you

they will not allow you

to use their expensive plates

but will throw muddy water

near your bleeding toes

wisdom is lost

intelligence misplaced

and these are people whom we trust

they will solve our problems

Sis, forget it

they have their own problems

nowdays, the colour of their skin

displeases them

speaking the mother tongue

and everything that smells

of the village make them sick

Sis, leave them alone

at least they know

we are part of them

time will force them to meet us

throw the ball back to me.


*William Khalipwina Mpina is a Malawian poet, fiction writer, Economist and teacher. Many of his works appear in international literature magazines such as Atunis Poetry, African Writer, Kalahari review, Literary Shanghai, Writers Space Africa, Nthanda Review, Scribble Publication, Poetica Magazine and Expound; and in nine local anthologies. His books include Shattered Dreams (2019), Blood Suckers (2019), Shadows of Death and other poems (2016), Namayeni (2019) and Njiru (2003).


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