"Your Pictures Trend More Than Your Music" - Netizens Trash Rapper Toastt.

Failed Rapper: Toastt

On Tuesday evening, several social media users took the time to remind rapper Toastt who he really is after he attempted to capture people's attention through juvenile gimmicks, as his music had failed to do so.

Toastt, who took a hiatus from making music over two years ago to prioritize his education, is now trying to make a return to the music scene. However, it appears that his fans have already moved on, given the current music landscape.

The lack of attention has led Toastt to reach out to someone he had previously disrespected, Gwamba, offering an apology in order to use their pictures to promote his dwindling career.

The picture that toast used to regain popularity

When the Gwamba pictures failed to generate the expected attention, Toastt resorted to flaunting his shoe collection in an attempt to engage his social media followers, and this time he succeeded.

Some netizens bluntly informed him that his pictures were garnering more attention than his music, which they once knew him for.

"Inu, izizi sizikuthandizani, zanyimbo zinavuta ingopitirizani zomwe mumapanga two years," commented one user.

Upon receiving backlash, Toastt decided to disable the comments section on all his social media channels, presumably to avoid hearing more harsh truths.

Meanwhile, he has announced the release of new song on Friday titled"Viola".

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