Fans Criticize Eli Njuchi's Management for Allowing Other Artists to Exploit Him


Eli Njuchi


Local music fans in the country have expressed their dissatisfaction with the way Eli Njuchi's management has allowed veteran musicians to take advantage of him in order to revive their own careers.

In early August, rapper Gwamba, who has been searching for a hit song for years, released a collaboration with the young artist titled "Fumbi." This song raised concerns among Gwamba's followers because the rapper, who was born and raised in area 18, had recently vowed not to release any songs this year.

Furthermore, last Monday, another rapper, Suffix, who is also on the hunt for a hit song, released a track featuring Eli Njuchi through Joy Nathu's Made on Monday platform.

The frequency at which these songs are being released has caused concern among Eli's fans, who believe that the talented artist needs space to develop his creativity and musical style.

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