Chilima Pilot, Chimwemwe Soya Arrested For Roberry In Blantyre


Picture : Malawi Police : Credit: Facebook


Police in Blantyre have arrested two men, Chilima Piloti, 38 and Chimwemwe Soya, 52 on allegations they were planning to steal from one of the houses at CI in the city. 

Deputy Publicist for Blantyre Police, Aubrey Singany'ama says the two agreed to meet at around Joy Radio premises in Naperi before going to the said house.

But their move was intercepted by police who were informed by some well-wishers of the plan.

“Pilot managed to run away from the scene upon noticing presence of police who arrested his counterpart but was later shot and his run was crippled in the process hence his arrest,” says Singany'ama.

Piloti is currently receiving medical attention at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital while Soya is in police custody pending court proceedings.

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