Rudo Chakwera Stands Against Rising Cases Of Suicide


Gospel singer Rudo Mkukupa Chakwera has stressed the need for concerted efforts in ending rising case's  of suicide in the country. 

In the recent months both young and older people in this country have been committing suicide, a situation that has caused worry among different stakeholders.

Rudo  who has attributed hopelessness to be one of the triggering factors to the rise of the cases, as people are looking at taking their own life as a solution to the problems that there are facing.

Speaking in the northern region in Mzuzu at Luwinga and Maghemo school in Karonga as part of her 'CAINT LET GO TOUR', she said time has come for the nation to rise up and take a bold step in ending suicide cases.

"We have noted that hopelessness is one thing triggering suicide cases. The surrounding pressure and challenges that the country is going through is also impacting families in one way or another. People losing their businesses and jobs making it difficult for families to strive, end result they lose hope because they can't see any future'. She said. 

Mkukupa Chakwera added that everyone has a role to play in ending this vice that is claiming a lot of lives that could have benefited the nation in one way or the other. She highlighted that as an artist she has decided to be part of the fight by giving hope to the young generation that easily loose hope because of life occurrences.

"As an artist I have taken a step by reaching out to students with a message of hope. If they have an issue they should seek help and not indulge in strange behaviors that will put them in conflict with the law or out them in a bad state. We started this in Lilongwe and now we are here in the northern region, next online is Southern and Eastern region". She said.

And  Headteacher at Maghemo Secondary School Osward Lungu has applauded Rudo for the Cant let go initiative saying has been enlightened on best student and Malawian at large win the fight of mental health. 

"We have taken a number of steps including engagements with parents on students behavior change especially drug and substance abuse. We have also engaged councilors on the same to provide the necessary information to the students. And we say thank you to our artist Rudo Chakwera for building a bright future among students". Said Lungu.

'Cant let  Go Tour' is dedicated towards mental health campaign. It is a song talked about challenges that people go through and has been incorporated together with tours so as to reach out to as many people as possible with messages of hope regarding suicide which has claimed a lot of lives this far.

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