Malawian artists not fit to be brand ambassadors- pundits.



Wikise & Konkala

Some concerned entertainment pundits have described Malawian artists as very childish and not fit to be brand Ambassadors. 

The remarks come following reports that Wikise, one of the most childish artist, is on the verge of losing his Ambassadorship deal with some estate management agency for contravening some of his contractual obligations. 

The Chikamphulikire crooner is accused of discouraging clients of the agency from buying land and other properties in one of his songs.

Media reports we are monitoring indicate that the comedian, regarded as a singer, is encouraging people to, instead of buying land and building houses, use their monies for leisure.

"He has been summoned by the agency. Obviously, he might lose the deal. He is very childish," said one of the entertainment commentators on Mikozi network's post.

Historically, pundits claim, most artists that are hired as Ambassadors for corporate organisations end up contravening their contractual obligations. 

"We've seen many artists having their contracts terminated prematurely because of childish. We can conclude, from the sample, that Malawian artists are not fit for brand Ambassadorship deals," said Yowoyani Msango, a music promoter.

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