Malawians snub Phyzo, Dan Lu's _Cha nyo_


Wherever they are, urban musicians Phyzix and Dan Lu should very much be disgruntled as Malawians have cold-shouldered theirs new release _Cha nyo_.

The so called established artists have had their latest song paid a dummy as people seem so much busy with serious songs.

The song, which others have described it as of childish concept is not even being streamed or downloaded in all digital platforms, a clear sign that Malawians don't feed on garbage anymore. 

Phyzo who is one prominent rapper had expections that doing that song would claim to him some massive following, but alas! The opposite has been true. 

Song reviewers have criticised Phyzo over his haste in releasing music. They accuse him of not taking time.

"Munthu kutulusa nyimbo daily? Awa nde masanjetu," said some song reviewer on a fan page.

Nonetheless, Gamba osamba is being praised for his selflessness and zealotry in supporting upcoming artists in the country.

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