Krazie G open to work with Gwamba again



After posting several ambiguous statuses on Facebook, rapper Krazie G told a fan that he is open to work with Gwamba again.

Krazie G and Gwamba were once tight and delivered massive collaborated projects. But their relationship went through the most over the past years since Gwamba got signed to Major 1 Records and quiet secular music.

On Facebook, King K replied to a fan who asked if there are chances of him working with Gwamba again.

"Yes, we will do songs together, soon or later we will deliver." replied Krazie G.

Gwamba and Krazie G reached at the climax of their careers when they released "Zimuvuta" back in 2014 alongside late rapper, Martse.

Lately, fans have been after Gwamba's neck for excluding Krazie G on his album.

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