Che Wikise accused of soiling Wakisa James's song, Umama


What was anticipated to be a hit, by Northern region's self-acclaimed rap King, Wakisa James, Umama song, has, according to some entertainment fanatics, been soiled by Wikese.

Umama, a song of love, praise and worship for a young lady who seized the heart of a character in the song could have been, if not for the second verse, by Wikise, the best song, according to pundits. 

Wakisa James, the misozi hitmaker is best known for crafting good love songs like his 'Good morning' which he featured Ken Lo, Mzuzu based producer. 

"Uyu kungoononga nyimbo yanzake zoona? Aaaa zinazi abale," remarked one music lover in a watsapp music review group.

"Kutchuka zogwera. Kenako kumangopala. Wikise satha kuyimba sure," he sniggered another fanatic.

The watsapp platform, iconed "Nyalulataz" is trending for trashing songs, believed to have been mishandled by trending artists in the country.

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