Pundits trash Gwamba 'True independence' album.



Malawi's selfstyled hiphop landlord, Gwamba 's album, true independence, is being vilified, described by entertainment pundits as the worst thing  ears can ever hear.

The album, released on Malawi's independence day, July 6, 2022, has, according to music fanatics, completely spoiled the already miserable day in the country. 

"Mpake wangogawa yaulere," remarked Joel Chisame, in a watsapp music sharing group.

Another music fan, David Bowie, samples out Timpunza, a song in the album, he featured Kell Kay, as a waste of a good chorus by Kay.

"Uyu sazatulusaso hit. Azingogula magalimoto odula omwewa," he said. 

The album which has been produced by BFB, henwood and DJ Sley was highly anticipated by fans in the country.

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