Lucius Banda Slaps Kabo Lombwe With Truth


Legendary musician, Lucius Banda has slap back at rumours that he deliberately left Nepman on a US trip to perform at Malawi's indipendence Day in Indiana.

The 52 year old singer, has clarified that him and other two artists were invited by a promoter as solo artists, not as Zembani Band.

The clarification came after Nepman former manager, Kabol Lombwe cried foul through multiple Facebook posts that Lucius Banda sidelines Nepman on big stages, US trip being one of the examples.

"Kaya Nep Man  analakwa chani? Zembani yonse ku Amarica kumusiya yekha? Mbale wanga tsegula maso akuluwa akukugwilisa ntchito. Ufiti suposa apa.",  posted Kabol Lombwe.

The post was welcomed by mixed reactions from music fans but a great percentage was in agreement with former artist manager and rapper.

I wanted to clarify the misconception which has been created by one of Zembani Band haters.

“A promoter invited three musicians, Lucius Banda, Wendy Harawa and Mlaka Maliro. They did not invite Zembani Band as it is being suggested.

“Here in the USA a band has been organised to back all of us. That’s why you have noticed that even the band leader Sam Smak has not travelled with us.”

He said Kabol should have found out before accusing him of sidelining Nepman.

“However, this is not the first time Mr Kabol has come in to say a lot of negative issues about us. I know he knows the truth but just loves to portray us negatively,” reads Lucius Banda's response.

Meanwhile, the reggae and dancehall artist, Nepman used the trending opportunity of his name on social media and released a song called "DIRIRI".

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