Gwamba Shares His Pain With Mussa Family


Rapper Gwamba, has been left heartbroken after it was revealed that a teenager boy, John Mussa that was jailed for 8 years by the court in Blantyre was the only  pillar for his family.

Gwamba, real name Duncain  Zgambo, is receiving praises from his fans and the public in general for stepping in to support the family of Mussa, who is currently serving his sentence at Chichiri Prison, with two years rent bills.

John Mussa was arrested three weeks ago and jailed for being found in possession of 72 small bags of marijuana. After the sentencing came out, Malawians, especially those on social media expressed anger with the judgement saying it was too harsh.

In an interview, mother of the victim, revealed that her husband (John's father) died in 2018, leaving behind a huge task for the young John to take over the bread winning responsibility.

"Some days ago, a certain Asian rich guy, a CEO of a well known company was charged one million kwacha for cultivating marijuana. He is now free man out there. But why eight years to a poor  young teenager? This is unfair application of law"., Posted Feston Mpemba on Facebook.

The post was just a genesis of uncounted other posts and Free John Mussa hashtag campaign posts on Facebook and Twitter. This forced High Court in Blantyre to make a public statement that the Judges will review the documents  of John's case.

As the campaign was still giving pressure to the responsible authorities, Rodwell, an online podcaster did an emergency interview with  mother of the boy. The interview that was aired on mikozi Facebook page digs  deep the extreme poverty in which the widow and her family is swimming in on daily basis. It also exposes how police together with the court handled the case of John with so much irregularities.

This triggered further the public reaction as some well wishers started to donate financial aid and other stuff to the family. Just before Nabola Kusache architect, Gwamba, joined hundreds of donors to announce that he is going to pay family's rentals for two solid years.

Currently, Lawyer Alexious Kamangira, has offered himself to defend John Mussa when the case gets back in court.

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