Gwamba & Emm Q Friendship Resurrects



"Better" and "Hallelujah" hits architects, Gwamba and Emm Q are seem to have settled their enigmatic feud, which made headlines for years.

The pair was once best of buds but their relationship seemed to sour in 2017 after it was rumoured  that the singer with melodious voice  accused Gwamba for using him.

According to some papers, Emm Q complained that he was making great hits with his counterpart but it was only Gwamba who was getting all the praises, including pocketing huge  sums of money from their biggest  market, Major 1. Reasons that forced Emm Q to step away from Major 1 Record Label.

What followed was a mutual silence. Both of them refused to comment about the saga, but focused with their respective carriers. 

The silence lived up to 5 years until late last week when  the two Pittie Boys former members started to exchange positive comments on  Facebook, just before Gwamba transfered the positive energy to Twitter where he shared a link to Emm Q's new song visuals.

On Monday, Emm Q posted a video of himself, Gwamba and others, listening to his latest song that features the vocals of Dan Lu.

Gwamba Who is set to launch his album at Blantyre Sports Club in July, rated highly new music video for his colleague. Emm Q reciprocated with kind words. Gestures that made the fans of the two Area 18 born and raised music giants, excited.

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