Famous female artist accuses former manager of sexual harassment; ..."Kenako azikugwira ma*ko"


One of the trending female artist in the country has broken the silence, revealing, she had to prematurely terminate her contract with some record label over the sexual abuse she was suffering at the hands of her libidonos managers. 

The artist, who confided to this reporter, on condition of anonymity, disclosed that most managers, masquerading as music promoters, are in the business of supporting female artists in exchange for sexual favours. 

The songstress, aged 23, accused her former managers of coercing her to sexual relationships, a thing that compelled her to part ways with the record label. 

"Amatha kukuuza kuti you've to finish session mwina usiku,and kenako azikugwiragwira. It's hard. We female artists go through alot," she said.

She added; "when I signed with them, a contract of three years, ndinkaona ngati zabho but as we went along, it turned out to be more of sexual intimacy. Azikugwila matako chanichani. Boring."

Most artists, females, are, as this songbird narrates, suffering in silence and merely give in to managers for fame.

"Most of them are sex toys. Azigonana ndi manager kenako kuphusha music. Its a nightmare," she said.

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