Trevor Noah Mourns His Grandmother



South African - US based comedian, Trevor Noah has paid tribute  to his grandmother, Frances "Gogo" Noah, who  was laid to rest on Thursday, 12 May.

In a video post headed “How can I smile for a photo when I don’t have teeth?” 😄❤️, Trevor revealed his family had laid the oldest member of their clan to rest this morning, 12 May 2022.

My grandmother was born in 1927 and even though she was 95 years old, she still had the best memory of us all. Every moment spent with her felt like a magical journey through time where she would recount all of the family’s greatest joys, losses, achievements and milestones,” wrote Trevor.

“Her house in Soweto wasn’t just a home, it was a refuge, a place where other women would come when they had no other place to go, a place where members of the community would gather to pray together every single week, a place where everyone was guaranteed to feel the love emanating from her mighty chest.”

Six Days Ago

Trevor said he has cried all week, celebrating “the greatest ‘movie’ I’ve ever watched… a story he said that began with his first breath… and ended with her last.

Gogo Frances passed away peacefully in her sleep days after she celebrated Mother's Day with the entire family.

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