'Leslie Moyo' wrecks havoc at Mzuni first open air disco; female students glued eyes on beas


There was drama at the first Mzuzu University 'Open Air' disco recently, when all Male students vowed to scramble for Leslie moyo, one of the trending female acts. 

While the artist didn't avail herself at the party, most male students kept searching for her everywhere in a quest to drag her on the dancefloor. 

Moyo, who came into the spotlight with "Romeo na Juliet" sunsin is upgrading her studies in Communication studies at the university. 

According to most male students, the music icon, who was once at the nearby Luwinga Secondary school, before migrating to Blantyre, has,  all of the sudden become extensively attractive that it is the wish of every sane and insane person to be associated with her.

On the other hand, while male students were restless, looking for the 'Kalilore' architect, female students who have boyfriends at the campus, kept a stern eye on them, guarding them jealously.

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