Onesimus And Dan Lu's Feud – A Blow-By-Blow Account


Dan Lu and Onesimus have never been exactly close pals, but in the last few days, their so-called "beef" has been blown to epic proportions. The two singers first began to be questioned  about their apparent rivalry early this week when Dan Lu said that he made a name in music when Onesimus was still bedwetting.

Rumours of a brewing argument first started to circulate when Dan Lu replied to his top fan, Isaac Matandala on Facebook who asked if "Shuppie" hit maker is aware of the remarks made by Onesimus that all the artists in the country must release their projects in advance because once he ( Onesimus) release his album, it will be a game over!

"Go and tell him that I started making music when he was still bedwetting. Let him tell that to his peers, I'm not entertainment nonsense this year. I am the only king of Afro-pop in Malawi." replied Dan Lu.

Two days later, Onesimus randomly posted that it is like comparing ZTE and iPhone which spark heavy comments on the post before uncounted exchanged  words through post as each of them  boasted about their achievements in music.

Meanwhile Onesimus and Dan Lu have both deleted all their beef posts and Dan Lu has apologized to his fans.

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