Malawians celebrate As Agide Bangs Over 70 Million Views

92 years old Giddes Chalamanda

Malawians have expressed how excited they are to see music icon Agide's  mash up hits 70 million tik tok views landmark.

The reggae version of Liny that features golden voice of Namadingo has been trending world wide on tik tok where people are recording themselves singing along to the song.

Liny is the first Malawian song to pull such a big attention online. It is undeniably the first song to set this record.

Namadingo & Chalamanda

The 92 years young Giddes Chalamanda has been making music for over 70 years but this has been the best moment of his life as he has just received a house, Shop and many gifts from cooperate world.

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