Wikise, Evans Muzik Mock Joy Nathu Due To Nasty C Failed Interview



We have every reason to believe that Evans muzik and Wikise are nursing long-drawn-out grudges against Joy Nathu. This is evidenced by the subliminal remarks we picked on their recent Facebook comments when highly anticipated Nasty C interview on Joy Nathu's Made on Monday show, got cancelled at eleventh hour. 

Both artists have come out to mock the veteran  DJ and broadcaster saying he was over ambitious by thinking that he could host the coolest kid Africa on his show.

It is clear that since the DJ turned down an a application to premier a song ( Shabalakata) from Wikise back in 2017, the feud between the two began. The song turned out to be greatest hit of the year. The two have since then been caught exchanging jabs on social media.

On Tuesday morning, Rapper Evans Muzik wrote on  Facebook " Monday was Nasty" , a post which saw Wikise commented "Ine ndimadziwa".

Nasty C who is expected to perform in the country next weekend said he had black out problem but fans in the country have expressed that this was invalid reason.

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