Lulu justifies 'poor production' of his songs; "all I need is money."



Singer & Producer: Lulu

Acoustic singer, composer and guitarist, Lulu, Lawrence Nkhwisa, has justified what other reviewers term as 'poor quality production' of his songs, saying, all he needs is money to fix all the flaws.

Lulu who leads Mathumela band was reacting to a review by seasoned lawyer and entertainment fanatic, Tamando Tchokhotho, who suggested that the 'Kumalembe' hitmaker must consider employing professional producers for his songs.

According to Tchokhotho, Lulu is a best brand that merely requires good producers.

He notes, in the review, that most of the songs, which are produced by Lulu himself, are of poor quality.

The learned reviewer goes further in his review by asking the award winning Artist to hire song writters despite the fact that he may also be writing some good compositions.

The review, posted on several entertainment forums has, since, attracted mixed reactions from pundits.

"We don't think so. I've been listening to Lulu ever since, and I've never noted such a thing like 'poor quality production. All is just good," said Noel Sundu in commenting on the review posted on UMP Facebook page.

Lulu performing at SADC meeting 

Argued an Ian Daniels; "reviews are very important. If I were Lulu, I would simply have noted some areas of improvement, work on them and sharpen my career. Otherwise, firing back at a reviewer ain't good. Don't expect praise and worship. They can't build you."

On the other hand, others urged companies and affluent people, like Tchokhotho, to be of help to artists, particularly, financially.

"Lulu has clearly stated it. All he needs is money. If people like Tchokhotho and other companies can invest in him, things would improve. Otherwise, we would keep on arguing in circles,'' said another social Media commentator.

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