Flood Church to hold charity dance competition in Lilongwe

Flood Church will this Sunday, May 24, turn Crossroads Hotel (Bamboo Room) into a fortress for girl-child rights at a dance-studded charity concert.

The church has organized a dance competition in its efforts to raise money to assist and support young girls not to become mothers at a tender age and also to help some that are already in early marriages or those that have been forced into such. 

The event which is going by the title ‘Let Girls Be Girls DANCE OFF,’ will see a dance-off of 6 groups in round one, to have 3 groups qualifying to compete in round 2, and the winner chosen by a panel of judges that has been selected to oversee the competitions. 

Winners on position one will receive a cash prize of MK50, 000, while position two will receive MK30, 000 and MK20, 000 for third position. 

100% of ticket sales will be going directly to the Ntchisi Police Victim Support Unit, which handles many cases of child marriage, forced marriage and gender based violence. 

Last year, the Flood Church and other organizations advocated for girl child rights through a petition to the Malawi Parliament, to have the marriage bill reviewed and the marriage age be raised to 18, a bill which was reviewed, debated and then passed earlier this year. 

Living in the city amid its business might get us to not really know the situation on the ground and be concerned with it.  According to government statistics, half of the girls in Malawi get married by their 18th birthday, with some as young as age 9 or 10 being forced to marry. 9 years old, that’s a baby, 15 years, that’s a kid, under 18 it’s a nation in tragedy, evil prevails when good people like us stay silent to participate.  That kid can be our little sister nieces and even our own children.

Attend the event, and support the ‘Let Girls, Be Girls’ campaign for a brighter and better Malawi. The more people we get there, the more we can help girls in need!

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