"This Poem"

By Christopher E. Loti

This poem has no word 
This poem has no message
This poem has no sound but makes silent shout
It has no poet but this poem has listeners, readers 
Admirers and haters
This poem is worthless 
It has no rules, no structure,
boosts of no metaphors, 
Alliteration, assonance and rhymes
But this poem talks about times

This poem has no life
But has sense of sight
So, take care because this poem is reading your mind
This poem shall be recited from a distance
Veiling from humanity,
 With too much mucus in brain
But this poem
Makes violent silence to political and;
 religious pirates
This poem is about episodes and monuments of the past
Illusion of freedom, free from domination
Unfair pollination
This poem talks about shackles left burning our skins 
About greedy eyes, blue skies
Wine from grape vines
Warm blooded veins
Children howling for apples
But given lemons
Souls offered to demons

This poem is about humanity at stake 
About burning hatred, wars
Authored by nobles going insane
Cold war-America, Russia
This poem shall mention names, dangerous names like
Al-Qaeda. Al-Shabaab, Boko Haram, Hamas, Hezbolla, XY Brotherhood, Talibans, ISIL
Butchering people in the name of religion

This poem will not speak your language
This poem is a dangerous UFO with incomprehensible lexicon
Will not use weapons as logic of apprehension
Or wear bolster to accentuate its height of comprehension

This poem is not like the master pieces in literature
Beautiful pieces like those of Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, Shakespeare, Wole Soyinka, Nkrumah, Chinua Achebe, Ngugi Wa Thiong’o, Mariama Ba, Buchi Emecheta,

But shall speak of diluted African culture
Women in men’s clothing, men in women’s clothing
John can marry John and Mary can marry Mary,
 Defilement of creation
Immorality in walls of the globe

This poem shall talk about Africa’s lost virginity 
Stripped off naked and paraded as a prisoner
Bedded by many
Whitewashed, brainwashed 
Now detained in cages of their metropolitans
My Africa. Rise, surrender not the fight!
This poem shall mention names of freedom writers 
Dangerous writers like Mutabaruka, Malewezi Q, Simwinga, Kumbu Mulenga, Guido Kanzunguzay, Pius Nyondo, Jededaya Rise; numerous to mention in number and size
This poem shall be hated by those who hate this poem
This poem is putting too much staff in one poem
Too much in brain
But never stop reading
Never stop listening
Because this poem has not yet ended
It is resting here for a moment.

-Inspired by Mutabaruka’s ‘Dis poem’-

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