Spotlight: Mwai, a beauty and rights activist


Mwai - a beauty and a rights activist.

With her stunning smile, indescribable looks – mouthwatering beauty in short – Mwai is this week’s Malawi Heat Model of the Week.

She talks little. But even then – her silence too speaks volumes. It speaks of a young Malawian woman geared and destined for greater things. A young woman with not only a passion for books, but also for looks. A passion for modeling.

She wants to soar. She wants to become the best.

“I want to become the best model in the world,” says Mwai.

With her looks – beautiful looks I mean. She should have easily chosen to scamper the country’s streets at night as a pleasure consultant. But she doesn’t. She is a school going young woman – with no time for nonsense.

“Fellow girls must make sure they are not exploited by lusty men,” she advises.

So, from Monday to Friday she is in class. Studying for her Bachelors in Land Management. She is in her second year at Mzuzu University. During weekends, she humbly interacts with peers.

She is a beauty with brains. She is intelligent. You can feel it when you see her smile. Talk. Laugh.

Unlike most up-and-coming models who always think of investing in charity work, Mwai brings to the fore an interesting ambition.

As a Malawian model, she wants to champion rights for women. She wants to squeal against women victimization.

“It is painful that to-date, some men victimize their wives,” she observes.

Given a chance, she says, she will set up an organization that will champion the rights for women.

“I’m a freedom fighter. I want to on behalf of fellow women,” adds Mwai.

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