Exclusive Interview With Rising Star Cristal C


Cristal C is ready to take on the music scene! The young songstress has been gaining a growing audience thanks to her infectious song “Charm”.
Born in Lilongwe Malawi, Cristal C is not only proving to be a superb vocalist but is also
making a name for her-self as a professional model.  Malawi Heat caught up the artist, who is currently based in the UK, for an interview. Find out what she had to say about music and modelling below!
Malawi Heat: So what came first, Music or Modelling? You seem to be very good at both!
Cristal: Aaawwhh thank you. I still blush when I hear compliments :).The love for Music struck first and quite early. I became inspired to do modelling much later. I had my very first professional photo shoot
at 16 when I first came to England.

Malawi Heat: Your song ‘Charm’ is a very wonderful song, what inspired it?
Cristal: I’m so delighted to answer this question :). The answer is a beautiful story lol. When I first heard the instrumental a light bulb switched on in my head. My producer 'Jusa Dementor' happened to be posting a series of newly made Instrumentals on his Facebook page, and this one captured
me straight away. And yes, amidst the FB comments there I posted one word saying..."Mine!”:D. I felt lifted when I heard the rhythm, the drums, all the instruments just took me back to Africa! I HAD to
do something with this one, it felt unique. He knows me to be quite determined with my music. So the next day we were in studio putting down vocals for lyrics I had written soon after
hearing the instrumental.

Malawi Heat: Your style of Music is Afro – Pop, what do you plan on bringing to the
genre? What sets your music apart?

Cristal: My main genre is contemporary R&B. But what sets my music apart is
that I love to drift into other genres whenever there's an opening. I take absolute pride in being this songstress that can rock anything she has taste for. Did I ever tell you...Jusa had to literally force
me out of doing reggae and dancehall? LoL! All I can say is "At least I
tried" :D.

Malawi Heat: What would you like to achieve musically? Do you have an album in the works? 
Cristal:  I would truly love to bring joy to as many people as possible through my music. I’m a natural entertainer so seeing a multitude singing or even just dancing to my music is a dream come true.
There is an album coming up soon after my singles have been released.
Unfortunately it’s still too early for me to share the name of it.

Malawi Heat: You were born in Malawi, but are currently based in the UK, what is
the music scene like over there?

Cristal: The Music scene here I can say is very diverse. There are a lot of new artists emerging into the spotlight frequently, Most of them independent artists. There are big festivals worth performing at or
going to as well. The Entertainment industry is ever booming.

Malawi Heat: What do you enjoy about Modelling? Did you always want to be in-front
of the camera?

Cristal: Modelling and any role in showbiz are not always as easy as we make it seem. There's a lot of getting up extra early in the morning
(which I fail to do miserably lol). I enjoy the hair and makeup part most; it makes me feel all pampered and happy again. I take loads of pictures even when I’m not at a photo shoot, the camera and I will
always be Bff's :).

Malawi Heat: Have you modelled for any magazines?
Cristal:  I had a few calls from some magazines which I wasn’t able to make because I’ve been in studio or on the road a lot. I’m glad to be featured in this one. Wawa Malawi also featured me in an editorial
soon after the release of Charm.

Malawi Heat: What about Clothing Brands? Ads?
Cristal: I have been one of the main runway models for a Malawian fashion brand called "Afro-fashions" at the time when it was based in Malawi; it is now based in Mali. In October last year I spent the
night backstage helping the Afro-Fashion models here in London at the Anglo-Nubia  ‘Africa the Experience Fashion Show’. You can also catch a glimpse of me in a few friends’ music videos such as Kyriah Dee's "Turn Around" and Melody Keys's "Freak" music videos while we anticipate my International debut release with my very own music video, directed by award winning Director Luke Biggins.

Malawi Heat: What makes you Happy?
Looking fabulous and seeing my family and friends happy, and also the sunshine, good food and good music :)

Malawi Heat : Who is Cristal C? What do you live for?
Cristal: I would love to answer theses two questions in full but I’d be giving away too much and I really want to keep everyone intrigued. Best way to find out gradually would be to follow me on twitter www.twiter.com/cristalcstar or keep an eye on my official FB page www.facebook.com/cristalcmusic
There’s loads on there about me.

Quick Fire
Q; Black or White?
A: White
Q; I-Phone or Samsung s4?
A: I-phone
Q; Twitter or Facebook?
A: Facebook
Q; Punk Rock or Hip Hop?
A: Hip Hop
Q; Bad Boy or Good Guy?
A: Sorry to make this one long but I think I’ve had enough of bad boys
so I’m gonna say Good Guy :).

Thank you Cristal C for your time! We at Malawi Heat wish you all the best in the near Future!

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