Malawi's Very Own TNT - The Explosives, Exclusive Interview


TNT – The Explosives, are the new kids on the block, ready to take your radios by storm. TNT, is a Blantyre based rap group made up of members Jerome (Bizwayo Jere), Emalse(Hamidi Juma) , Luwi (Aubrey Chimenya), and Dynamite (Alinafe Zulu).

The group has style of music best described as a fusion of hip hop and afro beats. Armed with catchy choruses and infectious beats, TNT will soon be dishing out a good amount of anthems and Dance tracks for Malawian dance floors very soon. First established in 2010, the group has grown from just a group of friends with musical aspirations, to the next big thing on the Malawi Music scene.

Malawi Heat caught up with two members of the group, Jerome and Emlase for an Interview. This is what they had to say, read below:

Malawi Heat: How did you guys get together?
Jerome: We met at Step Up studio. Emlase told me he had a track that he wanted to feature me on so we did the track and started rapping together.
Emlase:  We first started off with two members then after a while Luwi joined the group. Dynamite was the last to join, he had a studio where we recorded our tracks and he asked to join our group. Ever since then we have been four guys.

Malawi Heat: What type of music do you guys do? How would you describe your style of music?
Jerome: Our music is secular. We are into Hip Hop , Dance music, afro beat and RnB.
Emlase: Afro Beat and Hip Hop. Hip hop because we like rapping, and afro beat because we embrace our African heritage.

Malawi Heat: What Projects are you guys working on? Any album or mix tape in the works?
Emlase: We are working on a Mix-tape called “ The Dance Mix-tape'.
Jerome: We have the songs 'Sports Sports', 'Kutekesa', 'Clock',  and 'Never let you go' as the main singles we will release to help promote the mix tape.

Malawi Heat: You have worked with Producer Patrick Manyozo a.k.a Tricky Beatz on a lot of your songs, how did you guys link up?
Emlase: Tricky is a friend of ours and he started making beats for us when we had just finished our secondary school education back in 2010. since then he has been making beats for us.
Jerome: It is fun working with him, and he is very friendly. Also, He understands the type of music we want to make.

Malawi Heat: You all have unique Identities and you all bring something different to the table, how would each of you describe yourselves individually?
Jerome:  I am a Hip Hop and RnB guy. I like making Hip Hop tracks but I love RnB.
Emlase: I am a Hip Hop and dance guy. I like making dance tracks.

Malawi Heat: What do you hope to offer to the music scene in Malawi?
Emlase: We are hoping to make a unique type of music. We hope to offer a fusion of Hip Hop and Afro Beat Music.
Jerome: We hope to inspire the youth to be creative and come up with new styles and not just imitate the western influences.

Malawi Heat:What is the best and worst part about being an upcoming artist?
Jerome: The best part is that we get to bring a fresh sound, the downside is that getting recognition is hard people tend to gravitate towards more established artists. Also radio djs demand for  money in exchange for us getting airplay
Emlase: as an upcoming artist I enjoy coming up with new ideas, the bad part is getting overlooked despite having the talent.

Malawi Heat: What do you think should be done to improve the music industry in Malawi?
Emlase: It would be nice to see artists in Malawi get sponsored so that they can record their music. Also music the level of video production needs to improve.
Jerome: Upcoming artist should be given more opportunities to have their music played on radio.
Thank you guys for your time, we wish you all the best. 

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