Fans Believe Malinga's New Song "Ligineti" is Below Average


Malinga Mafia

In a space where many people rarely agree on views about everything, it has been observed that, for once, social media users have unanimously agreed that the new song by Malinga Mafia is subpar.

The song, which features the voice of the iconic poet Okoma Atani Malunga, was premiered yesterday on Made on Monday with Joy Nathu. The comments received both on the show and online were far from encouraging.

It is no secret that earlier this year, the former member of Mabilinganya Empire dominated online charts and radio airplay with his song "Arasi." This song raised expectations from the dancehall artist.

However, since "Arasi," Malinga has been consistently releasing below-average songs, including the recent tracks "Lignet" and "Bill Yanga."

According to his followers, it would be better for him to take a break from releasing music because they are tired of constantly defending him against his rival fans, especially Chizmo Njuchi.

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