Cracks continue to widen in the former ruling Democratic Progressive Party- DPP following the emergence of camps that are endorsing candidates


Former President Peter Mutharika

In the last few days DPP members led by Vice President for the North Goodall Gondwe endorsed former president Peter Mutharika.

This was later contested by some party members from the same region led by Ken Msonda.

But during a press conference which was led by DPP's Publicity secretary Nicholas Dausi it has emerged that some members within the party are not in agreement with the move.

The members which included parliamentarians namely Welani Chilenga, Mark Botoman and Yusuf Nthenda among others took turns to down play Mutharika's endorsement.

According to Dausi , Mutharika is supposed to call for a convention to end the current fights.

However: during the same briefing , Werani Chilenga told the press that him and his colleagues from the northern region have endorsed Kondwani Nankhumwa as there candidate.

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