Black Nina Says Pop Young Will Never Go Far In Music Because He Sounds More Nigerian

Black Nina & Pop Young

 Chirimba based rapper-cum-actor, Black Nina has openly trashed Pop Young’s art by saying that the fastest rising northern star sounds more like Nigerians.

The leading blog post in the country, Mikozi posted that if Pop Young gets enough resources, his music will go far. Reacting to the post, the “Wakuda Wangalusa” rapper commented that Pop Young needs to dump his style of music and people will follow him.

“Just come back to Malawi everything will be okay, it’s hard to make it in Nigeria.” commented the former Usauver series actor.

Reacting to his comment, fans called out unprintable names on him for underrating his fellow artist. Medson Muhike, a top fan at Mikozi page went further to suggest that Pop Young is probably bigger brand compared to him based on numbers on streaming platforms.

“Pop Young has shot his recent video in Tanzania, you will never taste that glory, keep on hating.” Commented another top fan.

Meanwhile, it seems like Black Nina’s prophecy has hit hard wall due to a new deal that Pop Young has clinched with Kelvin Sulugwe’s Akometsi for brand management.

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