Is Driemo Becoming “Yo Maps Lite”? Fans Question His Latest Release, Pano




Shafie Phiri known by the stage name Driemo is probably the most consistent, hardworking and prolific musician from the new crop. The Van NgoNgo Entertainment signee’s catalogue is like a romantic movie that gives us a soundtrack to every scene of life.

But in between his success, there are some unpopular murmurs that paint the “Mojo” song architecture as a copycat of a Zambian celebrated musician “Yo Maps”.

Comments monitored on social media, indicate that fans have started noticing that the Ntchisi based singer is biting Yo Maps’s styles.  Or maybe It’s just a heavy influence?

Well, Yo Maps has successfully been running music between Malawi and Zambia for almost a decade now. It would make sense if Driemo models his music after him.

Driemo’s latest release ‘Pano’ is what has sparked the murmurings as  to why he mimics Zambian genre, his style and the bending of  voices in the song sounds exactly like Maps.

Is it Influence or biting? The line between these two have become incredibly thin in Driemo’s latest song, ‘Pano’.


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