Dan Lu Receives Backlash For Mocking Fans Health Status


Shuppie crooner, Daniel Lufani is facing heavy critisizim after a screenshot of him went viral when  he responded to a fan that he (Dan Lu) is smarter than his fan's parents because they are suffering from epilepsy.

On Tuesday night, the melodious singer published a post that was  indirectly  responding to President Chakwera's public address.

President Chakwera delivered a speech in which he said that he has stripped off power from his deputy, Saulos Chilima for being implicated in corruption rumours. 

Just minutes after the public address, Dan Lu who publicly, associates with former rulling Democratic Progressive Party ( DPP) published a Facebook status in which he indicated that he is not satisfied with Chakwera's Speech.

A fan, by the name Goodluck Jemtere Makaka, commented in a jovial manner that Dan Lu doesn't understand English so he is not in a better position to respond to H.E's speech that was only delivered in Queen's language.

Well, Dan Lu did not get the joke rather he threw a savage response to his fan, in which he mocked his fan's parents health status.

"I'm more intelligent than your parents who are suffering from epilepsy".

Meanwhile the Wachiyo Wangalusa comment  sparked heat in the camps of human rights organizations that are demanding Dan Lu to apologise and probably get cancelled from all his bookings.

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