Mzuzu artist, Hot ice, rubbishes Lilongwe, Blantyre artists; "they ain't better than most of us.


Mzuzu based versatile artist, Hot ice, has disdained trending artists in Lilongwe and Blantyre, saying, they are popular for obvious reasons. 

Ice, highly charged, described the status quo unfortunate to the music industry, citing that, trash music that is popularised gives a false impression of what Malawi music really is. 

According to Ice, most good artists, particularly those based in Mzuzu, are supressed due to high levels of regionalism, and lack of support from fellow northerners. 

"Most trending artists you know offer trash. The unfortunate part is, that same rubbish gives a general impression of how our music is out there," he fumed. 

Ice said, "Have you ever wondered why we don't have international artists within? Those who are famous exhibit rubbish to the world. Nuisance that can't be taken seriously by serious people."

"I can only recognise few artists that are, atleast, doing good music. Unfortunately,  they're not famous. Idiots that are famous are inept, giving out trash,  are we serious?"

"Someone just bellowing 'ayo! Ayo!' And you call that comedian a musician? A landlord? We're a compromised country."

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