Hilco, Sangie tackle abuse in marriage

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Inspired by rising cases of domestic abuse, female musicians Hilco and Sangie have released a single titled Pemphero which highlights the dangers of clinging to an abusive relationship.

In an interview Hilco said she and Sangie were inspired to do the song after noting that many women in abusive marriages choose to stay in the hope that prayer will change their husbands.

“Many women choose to stay with their abusive partners. Even after years of emotional and physical torture, many women choose to pray and be hopeful even in the face of death,” she said in an interview yesterday.

Hilco said she hopes the song will talk to those in abusive marriages that some situations do not need prayer but action to protect oneself.

In a separate interview, Sangie said the society gives a blind eye when it comes to what is really important.

“Many women stay in bad marriages because they do not have anything to do while others stay because they are scared of being ridiculed by society,” she said.

Sangie added that the song, is trying to empower those in abusive marriages to first know their worth and protect themselves.

She said: “There is no manuscript for marriage. Much as the church is always against divorce, I think it is important to leave if the environment is no longer safe. One’s life is more important than being married.”

In part the song goes: “Sangie: Amwali mwatani mukuoneka okhumudwa, mmene kwachela nkhope yanu ndi yakugwa

Hilco: Ndi bambo a Ju akundipatsa malingaliro,

Agona kunja eti kufunsa mpaka kundimenya

Sangie: Zikutheka bwanji, zikukhala bwanji, banja lanu anthu amati ndi chitsanzo

Hilco: Poti mwafunsa ndimasuka

Mwaona kunja mkati muli nyerere

Banja eeh banja ee

Banja ndi kupilira

Sangie: Upilira bwanji mubanjamo mulibe mtendere

Hilco: Langa ndi pemphero oo

Langa ndi pemphero amuna angawa adzasinthe

Sangie: Langa ndi pemphero langa ndi pemphero amunakowa asadzakuphe”

Commenting on the collaboration, Sangie said it is rare to see female musicians work together.

“It’s high time we normalise working and supporting each other as sisters. It was really a beautiful experience and I enjoyed it,” she said.

Hilco also heaped praise on her collaborator: “I have always wanted to do a song with her. She is good at what she does. So, when I came up with the idea, I thought it would be nice if I collaborated with a fellow female musician and the outcome was beautiful.”

The song was released on Monday.


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