DJ Mighty Virus celebrates Mafunyeta through Facebook live mix

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DJ Mighty Virus on Wednesday night paid tribute to fallen dancehall musician Mafunyeta, who died on August 11 2013, by celebrating the artist during a live mix on Facebook.

Born on 27 March 1988, Mafunyeta was one of the country’s promising dancehall stars, but his death after succumbing to asthma ended what was an otherwise industrious music career.

In an interview after the live mix, Mighty Virus said he decided to do the live mix to remember Mafunyeta because the official Mafunyeta Memorial show did not take place due to Covid-19.

“His music impacted a lot of people and was embraced by a lot of fans. I thought it was important to organise the live mix live on Facebook to honour and remember him,” he said.

The DJ said during the live mix, he felt connected to Mafunyeta’s fans across the world.

“It was fun to bring back the memories and a lot of people enjoyed it. It is always good to commemorate great people for their contribution to society,” said Mighty Virus.

He said he started listening to Mafunyeta’s music when he was a new artist.

“I grew fond of him as he was one of a kind with his style and funny stories in his songs,” he said.

During the set, which spanned 30 minutes, DJ Mighty Virus played and mixed songs by Mafunyeta such as Ka Yellow, Pa Mkeka, Facebook and Come Again.

Mafunyeta’s fans who watched the set were mainly impressed and gave feedback in the comment sections with reactions while some suggested songs to be played.

Blessings Makhumula wrote: “Awesome. Keep up the good work.”

Another fan, Steve Kazembe, posted: “Thank you so much. You took us back to the days of King Shaka [Mafunyeta’s nickname].”

Mafunyeta, real name Patrick Magalasi, took the dancehall music by storm around 2010 with his style and signature dance moves.

He died at the age of 25.



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