MALAWI HEALTH: Reveal Your HIV Status and Get Free Medical Coverage?


Chief Executive Officer of Press Group of Companies Dr Mathews Chikaonda has challenged employees at the conglomerate to get tested and reveal their HIV status to the management for proper assistance.
In an interview Chikaonda was speaking in relation to the World Aids Day commemoration activities which saw Press Corporation joining others in raising awareness of HIV/Aids issues.
Chikaonda challenged employees that once they test HIV positive they are encouraged to inform the management so that the company should help them accordingly with comprehensive medical cover.
“We have an HIV and Aids policy at our institution which encourages non-discrimination at work place and that the company is obligated to look after the welfare of those infected and affected.
“We at Press Corporation provide comprehensive medical cover for such employees who have come in the open to our management to reveal their HIV status.
“So our plea to all Press Corporation employees is that they should break the silence, they must go and get tested of HIV so that if they have a problem we help them accordingly, am saying this because we always have preferential treatment for such workers” explained Chikaonda.
On stigma and discrimination issues Chikaonda emphasized that the company’s policy on HIV and Aids protects those infected and affected from any form of stigma and discrimination.
“When you hide your HIV status you will not be assisted, you will work normally as anyones else in the company.
“Let me tell you that sometimes we have work related transfers, when someone has revealed the HIV status to be positive, we consider whether a place where he/she is being transferred to is conducive or not.
“If the environment is not conducive enough then we reverse the decision to let that person live and work in a favourable environment, among so many benefits” he explained.
World Aids day was set aside with the aim to accord people across the globe reflect on the impact of the deadly virus. Currently the world has an ultimatum to end the scourge by 2030. 

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