Piracy hitting Malawi artists hard: ‘It has muted me,’ says musician Malume Bokosi

By Bartholomew Boaz, Malawi Heat

Malawi’s once upon a time popular musician Malume Bokosi has disclosed that he will never drop an album
unless the ‘cancer’ of piracy is arrested once and for all.
Malume Bokosi

Bokosi, who shot to fame in 2001 after he released Alimi Tidalakwanji last recorded a music album in 2010 and since then he has slipped into a jungle of silence.

In a Facebook interview, the Akuvulalira M’kati hi
tmaker said musicians in the country are not enjoying the fruits of their toil due to some ‘scrupulous’ people who burn and sell their music.

“I’m not contemplating coming up with an album soon. Nowadays, releasing an album is just like throwing your hard earned money into the lake,” said Bokosi.

“Time where music was business is long gone. You find that people have already started selling your music even before you haven’t finalised other processes,” he added.

Bokosi has five albums under his belt. He released Alimi Tidalakwanji in 2001 and Kukamwa Kwangotiuma in 2004. He then released Malaulo Samapemphedwa and Peshoni in 2006 and 2008 respectively before he came up with his last album, Wakukhoti in 2010.

Bokosi, who disclosed that he has so many songs that he composed, said is satisfied with what he is doing currently, buying and selling agriculture produce at his home in Ntaja in Machinga, than recording 
an album.

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