Malawians living in Ireland give 3 orphanages a Christmas Day treat

Malawi Heat


A team of ten Malawians living in Ireland on Christmas Day gave a special treat to hundreds of orphans and the elderly being supported by three orphanages selected across the three regions of the country, saying the season is meant to be a moment of celebration for everyone.

The orphanages: Legacy Foundation in Lumbadzi, Lilongwe/Dowa, Courageous Kids Foundation in Blantyre and Kasoba Orphanage Centre in Karonga each got K200 000 which was used to buy different food items and beverages that were shared to the beneficiaries.

“Our projected budget was €200 but we managed to source €300 which is equivalent to K600 000. At the very last minute, a Malawian living in Malawi supported our initiative by donating K50 000.

“We made it a point even before we started gathering resources that we would reach out to at least an orphanage in the northern, central and southern regions on Christmas Day. So each orphanage or facility got K200 000 and the K50 000 went towards logistics for our teams that helped out in Malawi,” said Henry Mkumbira Phiri, team leader of the project.

According to Phiri, who is also chairperson of the Association of Malawians Living in Ireland (AMAI), despite that they are away from home, they feel a sense of belonging and responsibility to reach out to their kindred at home.

Said Phiri: “We are well aware that we left Malawi, but that does not mean that we have abandoned our country and friends and families. Our initiative to remember them on Christmas is just one of the many initiatives we engage back home.”

Legacy Foundation posted on its Facebook page that “we had a surplus so some community members also joined. Over 100 people had a Christmas lunch. Many thanks to our supporters.”

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