Social Media Mourns the Loss of Renowned Artist Atoht Manje


The news of Atoht Manje's passing, a well-known artist in the music industry, has elicited a strong response on social media. Elias Missi, as he was known, had reportedly expressed feeling unwell while performing at the University of Livingstonia.

Among those deeply affected by his death is Wendy Harawa, who took to her Facebook page to express her distress over the loss of Missi. She wrote, "Lord, may your eternal light shine upon him, and may his family be blessed with peace and strength. I plea for your mercy, Lord, as I am filled with sorrow. He was such a free spirit."

Atoht Manje will be fondly remembered for his unreserved expression and popular songs like "Munthu" and "Huwa."

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