Fredokiss quashes tonse alliance criminal gang; "zomulanda mpinganjira bank is..."


Musician cum politician, Fredokiss, Penjani Kalua is describing a 'criminal' gang that is scheming to rob a bank from Thom Mpinganjira as jealousy and retrogressive.

"Zomulanda Mpinganjira bank is a million steps backwards for us as black indigenous Malawians," he writes on his official Facebook page. 

The rights activist and self acclaimed ghetto king Kong wonders how most Malawian politicians feel bitter and hate indigenous successful people, leaving foreign thugs, specialised in milking the country Scot free.

"Noone is jealous of amwenye," he writes. "Yet most of them have specialised in milking our economy. The indigenous black Malawian child growing up now needs role models."

Thom Mpinganjira is one of the unassuming Malawian business tycoons who have worked so hard to have tangible establishments in the  country including First Discount House (FDH) bank.

According to Fredo, Mpinganjira needs support because he is a role model who is worthy motivating the upcoming generations. 

FDH bank is one of Malawi's premier financial institutions that is wholly owned by a Malawian.

Stories are told that Mpinganjira began the bank as a Discount house in early 90s.

Recently, the state, through the central bank schemed to confiscate the bank on grounds which the courts described as unfounded.

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