Lucius Banda launching 20th album Promises a massive show on 3rd Dec



Sir Soldier Lucius Banda

Having entertained, advised and inspired Malawians for over three decades through music, iconic and celebrated musician, Lucius Banda, has planned to bid farewell to stage and retire from the industry.

But prior to his retirement, Soldier, as he is fondly called by his fans, is also set to launch his 20th album, 'Love and Hate, at the Golf Club in Lilongwe on December 3rd this year.

He is the only local artist with that number of albums.

"I, invite you all to the golf club on the 3rd of December. when I hand you over my 20th album and celebrate a career of 30 years with you."

He continued: [And] "the song you have been asking me for is now ready. It's Title is "Kalata yachisanu." Get ready Malawi. My name is "Soldier" Lucius Banda. See you at the golf Club on the 3rd December 2022," wrote Lucius Banda on his Facebook page on the sidelines of his latest album.

The album is titled "Love and Hate", and various musicians in the name of Namadingo, the Black Missionaries Band, Billy Kaunda, Lulu and Janta will add an icing on the cake during the launch.

Lucius Banda in 90s

The show will not go without international acts. South Africa's sensational song bird, Nkosazana Daughter, and Zambia's Oga family will also make headlines.

Lucius Banda started his solo music career in 1993 with his maiden album, 'Son of A Poor Man' which he recorded in South Africa.

Later on, other albums like 'Down Babylon' (1995), 'Cease Fire' (1996) and 'How long?' (2001) were released, and cemented his status as one of the greatest musicians in Malawi. 

Through his Zembani music company, musicians like Billy Kaunda, Mlaka Maliro and Lulu have emerged from there.

However, reports indicate his son John, who is also called Mr. Zembani, is set to take over leadership of Zembani band.

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