Sangie And Piksy Kick Black Nina Out Of Usauver Comedy Series



Piksy and Black Nina

Malawi's comedy duo, Sangie and Piksy have pruned Black Nina from  their online series, Usauver, after  noticing that he was stealing their shine.

The "Wakuda Wangalusa"  architecture was first featured in the series in 2020, just two years before he got another role in MBC TV series.

Black nina who was playing 'Pakati' in the comedy, started gaining momentum in last season when he used to blackmail her sister who was having affairs with a pastor known as  Mtebede.

Black Nina

After noticing that he was getting all the attention from viewers, it is believed that Sangie and Piksy strategically cut off all the roles that Nina was playing.

Inside sources are further disclosing that there is now a cold relationship among the musicians-cum- actors as Piksy did not let Black Nina perform at his album launch shows in Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu.

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