"Martse Was Way Better Rapper Than Gwamba" Tsar Leo

Tsar Leo

Lilongwe based artist Levison Sibale who trends in entertainment circles as Tsar Leo has stirred mixed reactions on social media after he posted that there is no rapper who has sharp skills than late Martse.

His post follows online rap havoc that was erupted by Achina Gattah Ase's line, "Mfana hip-hop imakhala ku BT!"

The bar did not seat well with other rappers especially Lilongwe based who have already openly dismissed that myth by saying hip-hop doesn't have a home.

Since it is  two weeks now after the beef germinated and it shows no signs of dying any time soon, Tsar Leo has intervened with even a bitter pill to swallow.

The Misonzi song architecture said Malawian hip-hop was laid to rest with the late rapper Martse.

"Stop your nonsense, no one owns hip-hop, even those you call goats, hip-hop died with Martse." Tweeted Leo.

This has left music fans more confused and eager to know how is the music relationship between Tsar Leo and Gwamba who frequently calls himself goat.

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