Fredokiss arrested over financial dealings



Inside sources at the Blantyre Police station are confiding in us that politician cum rapper, Fredokiss, was arrested, last night, on alleged illicit financial dealings. 

The confidential source who is not ruling out possibilities of politics in the arrest, stresses that the youth activist was questioned on alleged financial dealings. 

"The police received a tip from other people that Kalua is involved in illegal dealings," said the source in part.

A while ago, Kalawe, a fellow rapper, posted on his Facebook page that he cheered up Kalua in cell and established, from the horses mouth, that the police might not necessarily have adequate evidence to substantiate the arrest.

He writes in part: "when he showed his evidences, zikuoneka kuti anamuvetsa koma anangoti tingokusungabe tidikile a Police ochoka Lilongwe."

Fredokiss has been very critical to government. 

He is slated to lead a parade against selective justice on Thursday which he believes is heavy handed on the poor. 

Meanwhile, people are condemning authorities for always trying to silence critics through unfounded arrests.

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