Prosper MW Trashes Gwamba's Music, Dressing Style


Prosper Mw, of Undisayinile fame, has described everyone following Gwamba, Chichewa hiphop landlord, as having very low IQ.

The seemingly bitter artist says, Gwamba does rubbish music, and only gain mileage in music because he has money. 

According to prosper, only dunderheads that can not differentiate good music from abstract music can see sense in the 'rubbish' that Gwamba treasures to be music. 

The artist who in the recent past took on Janta, for stealing his song, Undisayinire, took things far by further vilifying Gwamba interms of clothing.

He said, it is disturbing to see that Gwamba buys expensive clothes which, unfortunately, do not fit on him.

"Ineyo sindipembeza mafano...' he fumed.

In his reaction, Gwamba described Prosper as a guy that is disgruntled and influenced by poverty to hate successful people. 

He said, poverty is bad. It causes rage, bitterness and anger against the rich.

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    It is on...tiyeni tiyeni

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