Nthondwa Quashes Ethnocentric Attitudes Towards Northern Region Artists


Rap artist of UNIMA  origin, Nthondwa, has described as 'stereotypical' telling artists from the 'dead  north' that doing music in Tumbuka is a recipe for disaster. 

The celebrated Tumbuka rapper posted on his social media platforms that classifying artists according to the home of origins is divisive. 

He referred to world class artists like Diamond and Makhazi as some of musicians who are doing songs in their native languages, yet they are still commanding massive following.

"We are all Malawians..." he stressed, rubbishing assertions that Nthondwa is a brand for the Tumbukas. 

Historically, most artists in the northern region find it difficult to penetrate the music area because of ethnocentric attitudes that most artists in other regions harbour.

Radio presenters have been accused of favouring artists in the central region, and south, while sidelining those from the northern region.

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